Private Lessons

Make an audible investment in your future!

It’s science–Music has been proven to improve cognitive function and creativity, plus IT’s FUN!
Larissa Lorenz is currently accepting new piano and voice students of all ages and levels at her private studio in Santa Rosa.
Can’t make it in person? 
Larissa is also accepting new students for virtual lessons.
Contact Larissa below  for additional details and to book your first lesson.


“Larissa is a gifted teacher who discerns each student’s ability and then works to build his or her confidence and skill in a nurturing environment. Whether the student is younger, older or somewhere in between, Larissa will inspire you to find your inner voice and share it with the world!”

~Debra J.


“My daughter has been taking piano and voice lessons from Larissa for years. She has done a wonderful job encouraging her creativity in music and helping her build confidence and experience in the performing arts! Larissa is a fabulous teacher and mentor!! Thank you Larissa!!!”

~Jen D.

“Larissa is one of the most exceptional and qualified professionals I’ve ever worked with. Whoever has the privilege of working with her will gain an invaluable leader and team member. Larissa Lorenz has my highest recommendation.”

~Heidi B.

“My son, who is 14 yrs. old, has been taking piano lessons with Larissa for 5 years now. She has always been willing to listen to what interests my son has in music (and otherwise) and is continually working to encourage and develop him in those musical areas. I like that she makes him work on his music theory but also gives him room to be creative as well as challenges him with pieces of interest to him that he or she picks that are above his level. He gets them down eventually and learns a lot along the way. Larissa is always very professional but kind and considerate when you talk with her. She takes the time to explain what your child is working on and how he/she is progressing. My son looks forward to his lessons with her.”

~Melissa J.

Larissa Lorenz is an incredibly sweet, kind hearted person who cares deeply about her students. In her lessons, she emphasizes the importance of learning how to read notes on the staff, how to play and sing scales accurately, and does fun games with the student to help them remember the musical concepts. If you’re looking for a professional musician who will give you quality instruction, I highly recommend Larissa!”

~Clair O.

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